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    PII August 2020 issue

    In this issue: Contingency Planning for Water Treatment The new post-COVID role of Digitalisation Preparing for COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond Managing the cost of phosphorous removal in AMP7 Energy saving Enclosures Design How to make sense of big data When to buy New Machine or Fix Your Old One How to evolve your herd of dinosaurs into a sleek fleet of spaceships! Electrostatic Spraying Dynamic Nodal Analysis AI for Reducing the Bullwhip Effect of COVID on Manufacturing SHAPA Summer Supplement: 3D Scanners Lattice Boltzmann Simulations The most important explosion safety systems at a glance Quantifying Temperature Induced Caking Guide to rubber profiled and chevron conveyor belts

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    Process Industry Informer June 2020

    In this issue: It shouldn’t happen to a flowmeter Creating a competitive advantage – How chemicals companies can adapt and expand in challenging times Why drone technology presents an unmissable opportunity Re-defining process safety to accommodate biomanufacturing risks biomanufacturing is in the growth Discussing leading and lagging indicators in maintenance management Making new machine developments a safe bet Manufacturers can EAAS their way back into profit Peak performance: How to get the most from rotating equipment Pharma harnesses the power of continuous processing Water & Wastewater Industry Focus

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    SHAPA Spring 2020

    In this issue: Association News How To Overcome Material Build-ups In The Production Process A Review Of Qualitative Versus Quantitative Bulk Flow Property Tests Mixing: Dealing With Materials That Tend To Segregate Considerations In The Determination Of Bulk Density Powder Flow – An Industrial Perspective On The Need To Turn An “Art” Into “Science”